MB Industries: White Setting Sydney

The premium provider of high-quality, affordable white setting and rendering services.

What is white setting is a term used for creating smooth gloss finish plaster for interiors only after the after cement rendering has been completed.

MB Industries are a quality focused company, who aim to deliver a consistently excellent service at the most competitive rates around. As such, we only employ experienced plasters and renderers to ensure the quality you expect is provided.

Our highly-trained plasters are skilled in:

  • White Setting
  • Cement rendering
  • White setting (smooth gloss finish plaster internal)
  • All types of texture coatings (finishing products coloured)

Our specialist focus on plastering and rendering means we can perform all types of work ranging from new builds to heritage restorations as well as any type of job from high-rise unit blocks to small patch ups.

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How to find the Best White Setting Service

Cement rendering, or white setting, walls is not an easy task but it can be done much easier than years ago, thanks to new techniques. Pre-mixed mortar can be used or it can be done the old way with lime, water and cement mix. It is a labor intensive job and not for the faint of heart or those with a bad back. White setting Sydney, is hard but well worth it in the end. The insulation factor is drastically improved on a home or building that has cement on top of the underlying structure, such as old brick. By sealing the home and adding a thermal layer that absorbs warmth when the weather is cool, and traps coolness inside when it is hot outside, this is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs.

This same technique can be used on interior walls, much the same as stucco is applied and is most likely not a job that you want to do yourself. Again, it is heavy stuff to work with, it’s messy and it isn’t easy to do at all. Look around and makes some telephone calls to find the best white setting contractors in your area. You may think that you can save money to do it yourself and it looks good on paper, but the truth is that you’ll be very aggravated in the end and wish that you’d not tried white setting Sydney.

Doing some research and finding a local professional that can come out and have a look, give you an estimate and get the job done is really going to make you a much happier person in the end. Why not let someone else have to clean up the mess? There will be mess. You want to make certain that the people doing the work are clear with you on how they’ll clean the mess afterward and what you will be responsible for. You don’t want to find yourself having to clean and haul off a load of rubbish when the job is done, so make sure this is all included in the price up front.

Asking friends for referrals is a great idea too. Someone that you know has probably had this type of work done at some point or another. If they were happy with their contractor, than most likely they’ll be happy enough to share their name with you. When all is said and done, you’ll be happy with the new look and pleased with the efficiency of your heating and cooling now too. For more information on Call Mark on 0478 131 744